Goodbye Depression; Hello Charming Doodles, and Poetic Verses

by Airees Rondain


When I went to the artist residency in Finland last year, initially, my project is an art journaling book designed to help women & girls survivors of human trafficking heal through art. One week into the residency, a friend of mine died, the weather was gloomy and cold and I fell into depression. I was lost...I didn’t know how to move forward on my project.

It was then when I painted my studio mate in the residency that I realized I’m at my happiest when I paint girls. I’ve been painting lots of my doodle fairies prior but knowing my new friend’s story made me more excited to paint her. I painted another friend, then another and soon I was out of depression. My book project took a new spin. I like to paint, tell a story, and inspire women and girls. These are my “why’s” and I guess, I can say that this is what moves me.


What moves me to write Bible verses everyday and post them on my Instagram?

I wanted to seek God more and grow my faith so I began to spend more quiet times with Him everyday. I also wanted to conquer my fear of calligraphy and still make art. So it was fitting to write the verse of the day from the Bible app using a nib pen and put some art on it since my mantra is ART+Faith. I also write on a separate journal my “letters to God”  during my quiet time just like writing a friend. It’s there where I pour out my heart each day - from thanksgiving to asking for forgiveness to telling Him my dreams and I’ve been doing this for 6 months now and I cannot imagine going on in my day without spending the first hour of my day with Him. It’s like taking a bath. I can’t go out of my house without doing it!