Return to Sender: Mother Earth

by Mari Brias

Mother Earth: our planet, our home.

I smile every time I think of her - she’s like a quiet presence in my life. Gentle. Nurturing. If I’m not careful, I can miss her signs of affection easily (the caress of a gentle breeze, the loving whisper of the wind, the laughter and tickles of the water on my feet at the beach, or when I walk barefoot on the grass).

I love being here on this planet and I love every occasion of being awed by Mother Earth’s splendour. Even when she is angry, I never feel that she truly is because I know that once the anger passes, I will feel her gentleness once more.

So why is it that we find it hard to love her back and treat her with the some nurturing kindness she treats us? The answer is simple: we have lost our understanding of what it means to nurture. Even more than that, we have lost touch with what it means to nurture ourselves. When we are able to appreciate that our nurturing acts towards Mother Earth are nothing but a reflection of our nurturing acts towards ourselves, then we will begin to see some change in the way we treat our planet...because Mother Earth is part of us and we are part of her. We are one.

Would you like to know what it feels like to have Creator’s truth, definition be understanding of what it means to nurture? And that you know how and when to nurture yourself, others and the planet easily and effortlessly? Would you like to know what it feels like to receive Mother Earth’s nurturing gifts and to give back to her in equal measure? To know that you have plenty and that with discernment, we can maintain an abundant supply for all? Would you like to know how, when and that it is possible to be connected to Mother Earth and care for her? And would you like to align your definition of responsibility towards yourself, others and the planet with the highest truth?

Artwork by Jof Sering

Artwork by Jof Sering


Artist’s reflection:

More and more I feel the energetic pulse of Mama earth inside of me. As the baby grows I need to be more grounded. Every morning I walk barefoot feeling the ground beneath me and visualizing the powerful energy entering through me. I feel strong. I feel creative. I feel connected. I feel joy.

The red orb represents the grounding chakra/root chakra to connect us deeply with Mother Earth. We feel provided for, taken cared of when this chakra flows. The orange color represents creativity - as we connect, we give rise to our creative self giving space for us to bear good fruit into this world.