A Study: ZEVS x LV + Supreme in Hong Kong

by Martha Rodriguez

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I always have a distinct fascination with youth culture - tattoos, skateboarding, hiphop, vandalism, drugs, Harry Styles, and 50 Shades of Grey. For the same reason, the solo exhibition of ZEVS, which portrayed installation pieces of distorted logos, washed out paintings on the walls, and a sculpture of a naked woman dressed with dripping paint from colorful Louis Vuitton monogram logos around her entire body, also interests me.  But I didn’t mind the distortion. Even if ‘Supreme’ was missing a letter, my mind was filling it out to make it complete. The association of the most highly recognizable brands like Louis Vuitton and Supreme, even if washed out with paint or deconstructed and disfigured, is still very much high on awareness impact to consumers.

Influential French artist Christopher Aguirre Schwarz aka ZEVS emphasized the relationship of market branding and consumerism as to how customers romanticize brands’ logos into wealth and status, desire and beauty, and ultimately, power. Denoting that as mass market, we are positively obsessed with logos and branding and that no matter how vandalized these logos may appear, the association or symbols that lie underneath it will never change.

Supreme Meme marks ZEVS’ first show in Hong Kong since his first arrest in 2009 for painting a ‘liquidated’ Chanel logo upon the facade of a flagship Giorgio Armani store. The stunt he did was what he refers as ‘battle of the brands’ in which he explicitly overstates that there is a blurring between street art and vandalism- that ZEVS’ perception of power play is that of mega brands and the culture of consumerism.

The 'Supreme Meme' exhibit by ZEVS is at:

Over The Influence
1/F, 159 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong

The VESTI team at 'Supreme Meme' by ZEVS exhibit

The VESTI team at 'Supreme Meme' by ZEVS exhibit