TELA Pilipinas and How Textiles Can Make Lives Better

by Aubrey Cimafranca

Although the Philippines is a country rich with natural materials, the majority of the local weavers, producers, and even designers depend mostly on textile imports from China because we don’t have an established textile industry in the country. However, the recent developments at the Philippine Textiles Research Institute show that higher steps have been taken to address this dilemma.


For starters, the inception of the campaign TELA Pilipinas or Textiles Empowering Lives Anew, which gears towards a revolutionized promotion of the local textiles, their champions, and beneficiaries may be able to start, albeit small scale, the path towards creating textile-appreciative communities which in turn can be a viable business proposition for the industry.

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and local communities can benefit in PTRI’s textile-related technical services and development programs which can be very helpful in developing self-sustaining businesses and supply wearable fabrics to both local and international markets.

VESTI founder  Martha Rodriguez with  DOST-PTRI Director  Celia Elumba

VESTI founder Martha Rodriguez with DOST-PTRI Director Celia Elumba


During our visit in PTRI in Taguig City, we saw a variety of textiles, dyes, products, and yarns as well as different processes that aim to develop further local fibers and textiles to be globally competitive. The innovations focused on adding value to these products. The institute has been creating interesting yarn blends in hopes of utilizing and supplying the gap of yarns coming from fiber sources in the country.

The  VESTI  team with  DOST-PTRI Director  Celia Elumba

The VESTI team with DOST-PTRI Director Celia Elumba


With the right partnerships with the weavers, the local communities, the government, and private social entrepreneurs, all these efforts could turn what could be a dead idea into a robust textile industry of the Philippines in no time.

For interested parties you may contact DOST-PTRI at +632 837 1338 or