The Brief: VESTI Conversations

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Thea, ran out of things to say?

Refill your glass and recreate this diagram instead.

*Tag us, maybe tell a friend.

Or don’t give a damn.

We believe that human connection is essential to life’s purpose. Here at VESTI, we are not only focused on selling bags but to be a global brand with purpose: collaborativecooperative, and conversation-based.  The result? #VESTI Conversations.  Be empowered, be inspired, break the silence and be reminded of how beautiful life can be.  Participate in our Maker’s Mark Exhibits, drink with us as we do our Live Stories (What’s your biggest fear?), witness an epic Art Battle or read about our Travel Adventures, better yet, speak up to ‘All the boys I’ve loved before’. (in Bisaya *winks* -- ‘Sa Tanan Lalake Akong Nagugma Sa Una’). Whether it’s a symposium about zero-waste production or a blogpost on digital transformation, we know you’ll learn a thing or two with us.  Keep on learning – that’s how we kick our days out.  Rise up!

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