What Is Your Superpower?

by Mari Brias


A few days ago I had a magical meditation experience. The meditation consisted of meeting one’s inner child and being aware of one’s feelings towards it, watching as you performed an activity together and then giving it a present before parting ways.

All throughout the meditation, I saw myself as a bearded wizard like Gandalf or Dumbledore - complete with a wizard’s hat, robes, and a wand. In my vision, I was sitting with my younger self, leafing through a big, ancient book with writings and sketches. I felt an overwhelming sense of love for the innocent, vulnerable little person perched on my lap, exploring the book with wide-eyed wonder. I felt I needed to protect this child. And so, in our parting ways, I told the child, “Believe in magic!” and I gave her my wand so that she would remember me.

In that very instant, something clicked inside my brain. A recognition. A knowing. A memory - that somewhere in my life, I did receive the magic wand because it is what has allowed me to be the person I am today. In that meditation, I saw through a wormhole where future, past, and present dissolved into one timeless moment.

And so I dedicate today’s Monday Moonbeams to the child in me who believed in magic, and the adult in me who claims my true identity. It is thanks to embracing the healer in me that this page exists and that I am able to write weekly reflections that hopefully help you and heal you. You see, I believe in magic and I know it exists!

My biggest love and gratitude to all of you who follow and support!

Would you like to know what it feels like to experience magic in your life and to know that it is safe for you to allow yourself to do so? Would you like to know how, when and that it is possible to use magic to create every aspect of your life in the way you want it to be?

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