Bag Spotlight: The Coral Reefs Collection


The Coral Reefs Collection draws inspiration from the coral reefs found around the seas of the Philippines. Its beauty is fitting of the collection where if you find yourself in the water, the refined corals reflect peacefully against the light of the sun. A reminder of how we always seek out our travels, escapes, and holidays to be just quite that- festive but peaceful.


To be fitting of the majesty of its inspiration, we at VESTI amplified the collection by adding 12-karat gold plating to emulate the spectacle of the reefs shining at the bottom of the seas. To modernize the look, we used shapes that are classic yet eye catching such as circular and edgy rectangular forms made in acrylic for durability and lightweight.

Show any of these clutches to your events such as weddings, night outs, dinner parties, or during the holidays and surely you'll be the stand out person in the room!

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