Coincidence: The Universe Got Your Back

by Mari Brias


Once in a while, the universe has a funny way of communicating with us, and I am always awed by the creativity in which it sends its messages through. Just when you feel vulnerable and uncertain in your path, a warp in time makes you be in the right place at the right time to meet the perfect people you need in your life at that particular moment. I like to think of them as Earth angels and I believe these encounters are perfect orchestrations that bend all universal laws.

In the month of July, I’ve had a number of such “random” encounters: a 5-day course that allowed me to connect with perfect strangers at a very deep level, an old friend who has come out of the woodwork to rekindle the friendship, new friends who are helping me grow, an unexpected encounter with like-minded people in a small village in France, and even Facebook feeds that I manage to read at the right moment.

I’m convinced that serendipity is just another opportunity for us to know that someone’s watching over us to make sure we’re okay. We just need to learn how to read the signs and pay attention.

Are you ready to be mindful of the coincidences in your life and to know how to easily recognise these as signs from the universe that you are always fully supported?

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