Clear Space Manila: The Power of Intuitively Chosen Crystals Towards Self-Discovery

interview by Martha Rodriguez

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Clear Space Manila owner Jen Pangilinan-Bautista shares why she opened Clear Space Manila retail shop, her first crystal, success stories, and why it is important to acknowledge the roots of our ancestors and find ways to help one’s self through healing and self-discovery.  

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M: What was the first crystal you ever received? Was this 'the one' that took all your doubts away and you courageously went into selecting, curating crystals, and educating the public about it?  

J: My interest with crystals started with raw minerals. That was it. I travel a lot when I was single and has always been fascinated by them. My pivotal moment with them however took some years after. My best friend, who is a light worker felt the need to gift me a crystal and it was a Rose Quartz tumble. Which I completely did not know why!

I was in a bad space during that time. I had just recovered from a physical trauma of birthing my daughter - a beautiful and strong experience but a very long recovery. Unfortunately, taking care of a child, my husband, a household, work, and the limited time I have for self-care made me realize that I completely neglected the fact that I also birthed to the new me. I bought myself a Carnelian bracelet as it matches with the energy I wanted to put out towards fulfilling this new role with passion and continuous healing. Physically, I went to every therapy possible. Mentally, I had to see my psychologist every week for months. I helped myself and started listening to my body.

That's when I realized why the gift of Rose Quartz came into my life as well. To balance that strong energy I have. To make me a softer being. This is how I apply my experience with my clients as well. I get to chat with them until the wee hours of the night. Helping them choose crystals that can ground or amplify them. I am always grateful for this balance in my life. It is still a business, but when people come to you in their most genuine selves, it reminded me of my roots as well. The need to have an answer and something to hold on to when modern life's responsibility gets too much.

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M: It seems that the metaphysical and having crystals are now becoming a norm with a lot of celebrities sharing their crystals as part of their daily routine or what's inside my bag episodes like how Victoria Beckham explained how obsessed she is, even Kim Kardashian West has included crystals in her perfume packaging, is it safe to say that even Filipinos are not being open-minded about it and believing in these manifestations but still need to be educated on the right mindset? How do you go beyond what is needed to be done?

J: Wow. Really? No wonder I was at Victoria Beckham's boutique in Central, Hong Kong and saw a huge Amethyst geode plate in the center of the store! I don't follow celebrities on instagram as an effort to quiet down the powerful mind. That is great! Imagine how noisy their lives could be.

As for Filipinos, I actually believe that we are more susceptible to revive our ancestral belief in rituals and believing in crystals. We are influenced by our Chinese brothers and sisters with the modality of Feng Shui. Our ancestors practiced Oracion to no end. It is actually ingrained in us. We are predominantly a Catholic community, we put our worries on saints, and we believe in angels. People who believe and throw their worries in their crystals greatly benefit from this. This practice, I believe, stemmed from the belief that we can call on our gods to help us and guide us.

The angle I see why smudging is very much alive in countries like America is due to the fact that they still practice it in some parts. People get curious especially when they try to look for anything that can help them. There has been issues why this ancient ritual is being practiced by modern society. But why not? Discovering one's spirituality is always great. We all need help in our everyday living. Filipinos' practice of Palaspas is to experience pain, be crucified, and to rise again. Oracion, a ritual of lighting candles and saying mantras is also a practice we can do. And speaking of rituals, I truly believe that it greatly helps the mind. We truly need some sort of ritual for clarity. We couldn't let this practices die because it is ingrained within us no matter how modern the world is now.

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M: We are pretty sure you have received a lot of compliments from customers but what's an unforgettable story you've heard or received that the crystals you've sold actually changed a customer's life or helped him/her in troubled times because of the crystals had an effect on their success?

J: I have two clients who ordered Black Tourmalines from me. Just two regular orders to process. I sent them. After a month, I receive two messages, just a few days apart from the other. Both were given to their children. Both have some sort of anxiety. I truly felt the message as I am a mom, and also a person who suffered from anxiety. If a child believes that his/her crystal is what helps them get through the day then my work is done. I helped a mom whose heart must be always in worry for her offspring. Mothers programming these crystals for their children gives the crystals double the power. Any crystal that is given with some sort of good intention will always be powerful. It has become a security piece that they take everywhere. Isn't it amazing how one rock can give you so much peace anytime. Exactly the same reason why I try my best to reach out to my clients and not just sell crystals. And also the same reason why I make sure I meet my suppliers abroad in person to also know what kind of energy they have.

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M: Any advice on how to handle crystals properly? And the importance of intention setting?

J: It truly helps to know your crystals as a mineral first. There are crystals that have salt or sodium make up hence they couldn't be exposed to water, else they will melt. There are crystals that you can't expose to too much heat because they change in color. Amethysts do turn to yellow when baked and gets sold as Citrine so please be careful when choosing your crystals.

Energetically, cleansing your crystals keeps them at your service at all times. Collectors need not complicate cleansing their crystals for this purpose. When you own a crystal and know that it has been serving its purpose a lot recently, you can cleanse them. Aside from cleansing, they must also be recharged under the moon or by smudging. I don't always charge all my crystals every full moon. Full moon is a cycle. So you can ask yourself questions like, "What was my most used crystal these past moons?" or "This coming phase, what are my engagements that my crystals can help me with?".

Also, there are times where you feel a crystal has no place in your life anymore. You can always cleanse them and set an intention to gift it to someone who may need it. Intention setting is as important as giving life to your crystals. You can wear a crystal over your heart as a necklace, a chunk of grounding crystals by your bedside, a shard of Kyanite in your office corner to draw harmony in the workplace. It is important to know that crystals work for you and you alone. It does not do the attracting and manifesting for you. Once you see your crystals and the intentions you have given them, they will be there to constantly remind you what needs to be done. It is there to remind you to be resilient. It is there to be at your service, to help you cope and where you can throw your worries unto. You can cleanse them and reprogram them again and again.

Love and Light!

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The practice of keeping crystals, as Jen puts it, helps us to be reminded of the important things in our lives. It teaches us to be more patient, nurturing, and humble on our daily. The crystals may serve different purposes in our lives but ultimately, learning to know ourselves better and to always have good intentions within us will make us become more powerful - and in that case, every help, friend, or a crystal, is a welcome treat.

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