VESTI Men: The Freedom of Style


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VESTI, the global luxury brand imbued with the finest of Philippine artisanship takes a bold step today as it presents its debut collection for men. The prestige label’s uncompromising emphasis on Filipino heritage and creativity through its innovative designs stands proud and unadulterated as exemplified in its premium creations.

This season, VESTI’s Signature Men Collection celebrates the modern and metropolitan male. For its first-ever men’s collection, VESTI presents the perfect amalgam of old and new, classic and contemporary. This refreshing take on sartorial style is headlined in its Equinox of Freedom theme.

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As befitting its premier presentation, traditional men’s pieces from backpacks to duffels, from wallets to billfolds, from messenger bags to weekenders are rendered anew with an artful mix of prints possessing a deep folkloric sensibility. Yakan, a traditional weave from the southern tropic isles meets and melds with high-quality full grain cowhide leather. Rich black textures are made even more stylish with portions of mesmeric, geometric patterns on this native textile. Lush brown surfaces are polished to a burnish with quietly opulent linear designs stitched on fabric.

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The Yakan weave is made of cotton-polyester threads woven using body-tension backstrap looms, producing brightly-coloured fabrics with strong, geometric, repetitive patterns that draw inspiration from nature. Designs come in diamond (bunga sama), lozenge (sinaluan), saw-tooth (pussuk labbung), and triangular-rectangular (kabban budi) shapes. These are artfully combined with folkloric emblems like rice grain, mountain, flower, and dragon designs.

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This one-of-a-kind swatch is mainly used as head cover by the Yakan tribe hence they are loomed in square shapes, bearing a brocade design with diamond forms. Yakan fabric is supremely distinct as it is not only colourful and repetitive in its tetrahedron forms–ancient customs say weavers believe it brings them good fortune.


The Yakan tribe is made of close-knit families originally hailing from Basilan, a romantic southern outpost but had to migrate to Zamboanga, a key province thirty-two miles up north due to war and conflict.  It is in this new locale where they are able to establish a Yakan Village, where you can see them weaving the fabrics in their homes to this day, where women are seen taking care of their children while weaving and selling these fabrics.

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Inspiration from these exotic asian roots are transported to the cosmopolitan yet cultured milieu of London where VESTI’s standout pieces speak of the man who owns these creations - urbane and tasteful but with a deep appreciation for cultures other than his own. Going beyond the ‘big city, big style’ stereotype, VESTI’s Signature Men’s Collection forges forward and delves deeper into the meaning of freedom for the man of today.  

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Connecting the mystique of this asiatic realm through its focus on handwoven fabrics from this artisanal tribe of the Philippines to the sophisticated, diverse way of life as embodied by London’s open and creative mien, VESTI Men celebrates that stylish man on-the-go, that jet-setting city warrior who’s also a culture vulture, that cosmopolitan commuter who shifts roles effortlessly, that bohemian nomad, that polished citizen of the world who carries with him his tasteful élan wherever he is, at all times.

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The VESTI MEN SIGNATURE COLLECTION is now available for pre-orders.

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Campaign Credits

Words | Rione Palacios

Images | James G. Lopez

Motion | Christina Zabat

Face | Nikki Ocean

Models | Dominic Samoisette, Michael Piwko (New Monarq Management)

Assist | VESTI Team: Martha Rodriguez, Trina Peñaflorida, Gelo Salanga, Jel Cailao