VESTI: The Dance of Design


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VESTI, the global brand of luxury bags and prestige accessories that enshrines the artisanal craftsmanship of Philippine design is dancing to a jubilant beat this season.

Presenting its Disco Bag Collection, VESTI brings to the fore this blithe, blissful mood as it celebrates the beauty of women’s accessories drenched in style stories that hearken from a one-of-a-kind tribal culture of weaving found only in the deep south of a tropical archipelago.


Featuring the Pis Syabit, a multi-hued weave from the Tausug tribe of the Mindanao realm of the Philippines, rounded women’s pieces from VESTI’s Disco Bag Collection come to life with a burst of eye-catching pigments, a scintilla of vivid styles, and a cascade of folk nuances.

VESTI’s commitment to promoting the artistry of Filipino design on a bigger platform is evidenced by the words of its founder and creative director Martha Rodriguez who intimates,

We are very optimistic with our kind of Philippine craftsmanship going global. Conveyed by my dreams, I feel that somehow each one of us - the designers, the weavers, the artisans have one goal in common: to shine the optimism that our strongest sense of self is shown through our artisanal creations. We feel humbled to our origins and, at the same time, we feel glorious to share our art to the world.


Pis Syabit plays a special role in this collection because it is honoured as a fabric that resonates joy, love, and diversity. It is a special weave that truly represents Mindanao and the yearning of its inhabitants for unity among the Muslims, Christians, and Lumads of this Land of Promise. VESTI believes that by showcasing joy, the weaving heritage unique to this region leads its people to embracing their true selves.

Traditionally used as a headcloth (pis), the Pis Siyabit is visually distinct because of its geometric (syabit) designs executed in the tapestry weave. This prized fabric design originates from the Tausugs of Jolo in Sulu, the fabled southernmost tip of the Philippines. This tribe is an Islamic community structured around a sultanate known for weaving cotton and silk textiles from imported yarns. For the Tausugs, weaving is an expression of their culture and identity on top of being their way of life.


The Pis Syabit’s melange of predominant colours are present via tints of pink, orange, and maroon shades, sometimes with a touch of white or green. Its one-of-a-kind diamond shapes, diagonal crosses, and zigzag motifs inside small squares and rectangles create designs that are said to be derived from Hindu mandala patterns. All these qualities come to life in VESTI’s visually arresting pieces.

The glory of celebration resides in the VESTI woman who is a rebel in her own way, a firebrand in her own terms, a badass in her own right. The VESTI woman unapologetically speaks her mind, stands for what she believes in, and makes herself counted. The use of bold, brilliant patterns merged with convex, circular shapes exemplifies the modern tenet that no woman should be isolated, boxed, confined from her potential but instead be left free to express herself.


VESTI’s stronghold is bridging the old with the new, the cultural with the current, the classic with the contemporary, “the importance of embracing the journey of what’s thriving and going back to one’s roots.” And, for the Disco Ball Bag and Concave Belt Bag, cotton, silk, and synthetic dyes from the Pis Syabit technique are incarnated through a handy purse and a belted pocket book that are covered in sophisticated, rose-gold frames, making them dazzling knockouts.

These prestige pieces bathed with the essence and ethos of VESTI revel in the beauty of folk ancestry and design heritage, perfect for the woman who exalts herself because she dances to her own style beat.

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The VESTI DISCO BAG COLLECTION will be available soon this holiday 2018.

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Campaign Credits

Words | Rione Palacios

Images | Aly Uy

Motion | Omar Villanueva, Josef Castro

Face | Jel Cailao

Model | Bronija Ales

Assist | VESTI Team: Martha Rodriguez, Trina Peñaflorida, Gelo Salanga, Jel Cailao